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Posted: March 3, 2015Soon and Very Soon


“Soon and Very Soon” is the title of a wonderful gospel song written by the recently deceased Andrae Crouch. His song is about the joy of crossing the final river and being received by the lord. Mine is down-beat and disturbed. I just stole the title.
Featuring Bill Becket on electric guitar, and Vic Steffens on percussion.


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It’s comin’ at you faster every day
it’s comin’ at you from every which way
Soon and very soon
soon and very soon
you will dangle slowly
in the silky noose of your fine schemes
you will suffer endless nights
livin’ in your own best dreams.

It’s a laser beam from outer space
it’s a shiny bullet in your face
Soon and very soon
soon and very soon
you will find yourself
doin’ exactly what it is you set out to do
and all your friends will only be able to stare
and worship you.

Some people call for a judgment day
other folks they don’t hear it that way
I only know what I’ve been told
I only hope you’ll stop treating me so cold.

It’s waitin’ for you up around the bend
it’s all wrapped in ribbons it’s your special friend
Soon and very soon
soon and very soon
you will fall down to your knees
wishin’ you had learned how to pray
you’ll be given a chance to talk
but you’ll have nothin left to say.